Coronavirus (Covid-19) Info MacArthur Place at 183 | 2346 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75062 469-423-6300
MacArthur Place at 183 | 2346 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75062 469-423-6300 Coronavirus (Covid-19) Info

Reviews MacArthur Place at 183 Apartments

MacArthur Place at 183 Reviews

Check out what our residents are saying about MacArthur Place at 183 Apartments located in Irving, TX! To learn more about how you can be a resident here, email us at or call today at 469-423-6300, we will be happy to assist.

"Moses and liberty have helped me a lot! Thank you."

Ohsmaro H.
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"Glad we have new management. They're doing awesome."

Lasheila S.
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"Just moved in. The office staff is super friendly. They helped me. I am very happy in my new apartment."

Jorge M.
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"I have been for 3 years and I am delighted with the new administration! The people in the office are very good and they are very kind."

Dianna B.
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"I relocated from Minnesota to Dallas and the whole transition was wonderful and I have to thank Moses for that. Moses was great from start to finish. I saw a two bedroom available and I hopped right on. When I first looked at the reviews I was a bit concerned but once I began to work with Moses and I must say he is fantastic and trustworthy and genuine and secure! Due to my moving from Minnesota. I didn't know about things or what to expect! Moses even went above and beyond and provided me with different electricity companies! I am beyond grateful! When I viewed my apartment it was Everything I had imagined it to be and instantly felt like I was home and belonged where I Was. My Son and I are very thankful! Thank you, Moses, my journey starts now!"

Ciarra Harmon
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"Moses really helpful and so is everyone e"

David Hernandez
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"Great customer service and great staff are very helpful and friendly. They update you on everything going on with the property in a timely manner, great job keep it up."

Cole Edwards
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"I'm glad I came in today, the management was amazing so sweet, respectful. She explained and showed me everything I wanted to see. I found my home. Thank you so much, Keidy Martinez!!"

Selina Sanchez
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"Liberty is probably the BEST manager this property has ever had !! I have had issues from day 1 n as soon as she took over n was fully aware she jumped right on it and finally found a solution that should have been found years ago.. she has contacted me daily via email and has kept me updated on everything that’s going on and that’s going to be happening until it’s fixed. I was given another unit to sleep at until the problem is resolved once n for all n the contractors have been in my apartment every single day working on unit issues 🙂 Liberty is definitely the manager we have always needed especially when it comes to making sure the tenants are taken care of."

Christa Crowell
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"Love this place and the staff. Keidy was so nice and answered all my concerns."

Karen Castro
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"They are renovating these apartments, I fell in love the moment I was toured. I am so excited to move in and the staff has been nothing but welcoming, courteous, and helpful. The ladies have been very helpful in assisting me/us with our needs and Mr. Moses has gone further and beyond to assist us and help us make this process as smooth as possible. We are forever thankful!"

Verified Resident
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"These apartments are very nice, centric and I was able to find one on my budget. The staff was very helpful and welcoming from the beginning. Moses was the one who helped me through the whole process, some issues came up on my end and he went far and beyond to help me get everything straight. I am very thankful to him. Taking into consideration that I did everything last minute sort of, he was very patient, helpful, and courteous every step of the way. Compared to other places I reached out to that was very unreliable and uninterested I was very pleased. I definitely recommend the place and advise you to give it a try."

Andrea O'Neil
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"I have been living at MacArthur place for the last three years. Doing this three years we have went through a couple of different leasing staff, and owners but the managers and staff that are here now are all awesome but Moses is my favorite he never hesitates to help and goes above and beyond. It's nice knowing even if I'm calling because my garbage disposal is backed up he says that everyone's issues are of the utmost importance. It's always nice to know you are going to get a smiling face upon walking into the office."

Jessica Brown
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